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Mi tion faros, sed nur se vi helpos

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Instigi al 1000 personoj transloĝiĝi – First1000

Bildsimbolo de First1000

“La membraro de la Free State Project (t.e. Projekto pri Libera Ŝtato) tre aktivi por varbi subskribontojn, kaj kiel rezulto de la promeso, 1000 personoj transloĝiĝos al Nov-Hampŝiro, Usono kaj iĝos aktivuloj por libereco!”

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  • Self-Harm
    I, Caroline Teresa Gonsalves, will stay clean from cutting and any other form self harm but only if 10 other friends and family will do the same.
    Celo atingita, promeso fermita.
  • StopHelpPledge
    I, Alisa T. Buonanno, will Not bully and help stop other from bullying but only if 20 other local people will do the same.
    Celo atingita, promeso fermita.
  • StopChildAbuse
    I, S,J,E, will make every effort to be informed of the symptoms of child abuse, and report any case that I believe to be a case of abuse or maltreatment in order to help prevent and stop the effects of child abuse. but only if 20 other people will do the same.
    Celo atingita, promeso fermita.
  • SaveFarmland
    I, Tara Hills, will purchase the property that Hidden Hills Farm is founded on in order to save it from urban development so that we can sustain the mission "to provide a place for people to experience rest, healing, and growth in mind, body, and soul through horses, agriculture, outdoor/wilderness/sustainable living education, and just being outdoors. All that is offered at Hidden Hills will be provided in an atmosphere with an underlying Christian influence where God can be recognized as our ultimate Source of healing, rest, and hope but only if 20 people will pledge monetary support and share this link with friends, family, and acquaintances through social media and word of mouth.
    Celo atingita, promeso fermita.

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